Friday, March 5, 2010

Rock Climbing Resources - Knowing is Half the Battle

The best way for a to gain the technique and skill required to progress in the sport is to .  But a close second is research.  If you apply yourself by joining online communities, reading articles, and watching skilled climbers via web videos then you can use that knowledge on the rock to progress faster.  I have found reading articles on techniques to use while climbing, watching videos of , and asking questions on forums to be invaluable to my progression; and I feel I am improving faster than my counterparts who just try and muscle their way up the route.

Website Communities - This website has routes, articles, reviews, a good community, and pretty much anything else you will need. - Another megasite with pretty much everything you will need to learn as much as you can about the sport. - A little hard to navigate through but it is "your ultimate rock climbing resource!" - This is probably my favorite site for reviews. Its also a pretty good resource for .

Blogs - Lots of , videos, and good stuff. - Lots of climbing news and interesting things related to the sport. - Has some good training tips for and and is an all around fun blog to read through. - It has everything. Even some humor. Oh and choss.

Videos - The best resource to watch the pros climb.  Sport, trad, bouldering; this site has it all.
Progression DVD
Dosage I - V DVD series

You can check out my links for other good climbing resources and if you would like me to include your site just shoot me an email or comment.

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