Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dosage II - Movie Review

The second movie in a series of five Big Up Productions brings you Dosage II.  From Illinois bouldering to deep water soloing in the Mediterranean this movie has its fair share of ups and downs. Although it is not as random as Dosage I it is definitely not as good as later movies by Big Up including Progression and Dosage IV and V. It features Dave Graham, Chris Sharma, Klem Loskot, Ivan Greene and more. Keep on reading for my analysis and crazy good rating system which will blow you away!

(Opinions expressed in this review are not nearly rants or raves they are 100% true.)

Friday, March 5, 2010

All About Hands - Community Inquery

So after a three hour session at the gym yesterday the unthinkable happened... my hand fell off.  Well a pretty good section of the skin on my pinkie had peeled off, leaving a painful skin flap in its wake; this was the end of my session because chalk wasn't cutting it. If I had some I would have just taped it off and sucked it up but I digress.

I have heard of people using tape and superglue to cover but I think injury prevention is the way to go and will serve me better in the long run. So I have decided to use men's face and body lotion as much as possible to see if it helps keep the skin, on my hands, from peeling and becoming even more damaged.

So the question I ask is what do you do to prevent skin injuries on your hands and, in the case the do become damaged, what do you do once they are destroyed from messing with overhangs all day?

Discuss below!

Rock Climbing Resources - Knowing is Half the Battle

The best way for a to gain the technique and skill required to progress in the sport is to .  But a close second is research.  If you apply yourself by joining online communities, reading articles, and watching skilled climbers via web videos then you can use that knowledge on the rock to progress faster.  I have found reading articles on techniques to use while climbing, watching videos of , and asking questions on forums to be invaluable to my progression; and I feel I am improving faster than my counterparts who just try and muscle their way up the route.

Types of Climbing - A Brief Description

Top-roping. Leading, Bouldering. Sport Climbing.  All of these terms fly at you pretty fast when your the new guy or gal in the gym, surrounded by more experienced climbers.  Knowing the difference between the types of climbing is like knowing the difference between chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  Some people like to lead climb and some strictly boulder. So lets briefly explore what all of these terms mean so you can pick your favorite flavor.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rock Climbing - The Beginning (Part One)

So you want to be a rock climber? Want to be the next Chris Sharma? Daniel Woods? Silvester Stallone? Well calm down because there is a lot to think about before you solo climb "Jumbo Love."

I'm New...

So after watching "Cliffhanger" for the fiftieth time I thought I should give this climbing thing a shot. How hard can it be? All you have to do is grab a big rock and pull yourself up with your arms. So I went with my girlfriend and a few buddies to Climb Kalamazoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan to see what it was all about.