Friday, March 5, 2010

All About Hands - Community Inquery

So after a three hour session at the gym yesterday the unthinkable happened... my hand fell off.  Well a pretty good section of the skin on my pinkie had peeled off, leaving a painful skin flap in its wake; this was the end of my session because chalk wasn't cutting it. If I had some I would have just taped it off and sucked it up but I digress.

I have heard of people using tape and superglue to cover but I think injury prevention is the way to go and will serve me better in the long run. So I have decided to use men's face and body lotion as much as possible to see if it helps keep the skin, on my hands, from peeling and becoming even more damaged.

So the question I ask is what do you do to prevent skin injuries on your hands and, in the case the do become damaged, what do you do once they are destroyed from messing with overhangs all day?

Discuss below!


  1. Truthfully, you just kind of have to man up and deal with it. Blisters, cuts, scrapes, lumps, bruises and all sorts of other injuries are part of climbing. Tape is there for immediate coverage of an injured area and I usually use it to cover bandages on days Im not climbing.
    Your vasoline idea is probably not a good one. By moisturizing your hands you don't allow for calluses to form which probably isnt the greatest idea for climbing. Calluses are GOOD. It means your hands are getting tougher, and tougher hands translate to less hand injuries. Granted, I still rip off calluses sometimes. But hey- pay your dues and have some fun.

    So anyway, quit being a girly-man and go toughen up your hands!

    Climb on,

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yea I understand pushing through the pain haha. And calluses are a good thing except when they get too big and they come off leaving a very tender piece of skin behind (I have been on plenty of ruck marches to experience this displeasure.) And the Vaseline isn't really for moisturizing, even though dry skin tears easier, its to keep my skin healthy so they heal faster (I am also in nursing school so I have to wash my hands 50x a day).

    However, I definitely see your point and I should have taped it.



    You probably be in to this, its a lot of fun!
    Btw Loktari is gay!!!!!!!!

  4. Couple of things:
    Tape your hands as soon as you get a hot spot to try and prevent flappers or blisters.
    Double glove after you scrub. It makes things a lot simpler. (Ive been down the nursing road a bit myself)

    Thanks for following my blog! Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.

    Climb on,