Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dosage II - Movie Review

The second movie in a series of five Big Up Productions brings you Dosage II.  From Illinois bouldering to deep water soloing in the Mediterranean this movie has its fair share of ups and downs. Although it is not as random as Dosage I it is definitely not as good as later movies by Big Up including Progression and Dosage IV and V. It features Dave Graham, Chris Sharma, Klem Loskot, Ivan Greene and more. Keep on reading for my analysis and crazy good rating system which will blow you away!

(Opinions expressed in this review are not nearly rants or raves they are 100% true.)

Well here it is, Dosage II.  I am not sure why I decided to start with this one to review and not a movie like Progression or the first movie in the series but you clicked "read more" so you have to keep reading and you can calm down.  The movie starts off in Illinois for a little bouldering session. The problems are not too bad but the guys climbing are pretty annoying and I would suggest just watching this part with the volume on mute; the experience will be much more enjoyable. In any case this part definitely doesn't make the movie unwatchable its just not my favorite, maybe you will like stoners jibber-jabbering about random stuff.

The next part is the reason to watch this movie... Deep water soloing. Wow. This part has Klem Loskot and another crazy European guy climbing in the Mediterranean over water with out ropes or any safety gear. These routes get up to as tall as 60ft. Beautiful yet insane.

Chugging right along the next two parts have Dave Graham and some other guy climbing some boulder problems and sport routes. The boulder problems are definately not for the squemish.; the crazy crimps make it so you hear their nails grinding against the rock the get every bit of friction out of the hold. The sport route is insane. Dave Graham says its "bouldering with a rope on for a really long time."

New York City bouldering is the next part.  Its part bouldering and part "bro" doing a photoshoot.  The boulder problems aren't that exciting either.  But after that is the moment you have all been waiting for; Chris Sharma.

Chris Sharma doing some deep water soloing is the highlight of this movie, even though I am partial to Dave Graham.  He climbs like no one else.

In summary, this movie is alright.  It is not as good as the later Dosage films or Progression but it is still fun to watch.  So if I was going to rate this movie from a 5.5 to a 5.15 i would give it a

Pros: Deep water soling, Dave Graham, Chirs Sharma
Cons: Annoying people, some boring parts, still isn't as serious as the later Dosage flicks or Progression.
Bottom line: Watch it... It's climbing.

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